Four Generations

The Generational Divide

We have always had a vested interest in the students we have taught at community college and university levels. Over the past eight years we have found a drastic change in our classrooms and academic work environments brought about by the combinations of generations within this new milieu. The generational differences are more pronounced throughout our campuses: students, staff, and faculty.

Seeking improvement in instruction and communication with learners, we have also been made aware of the areas of recruitment and retention of students and employees. Both of us have explored, researched and conducted individual research in ways to enhance the learning and working communities in which we and others are employed.

Hearing frustrations from our colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, we began a consulting service, Generational Differences Consulting, to provide workshops, overviews, and participation in panel discussions to bring about a broader understanding of the Generational Divide existing in the classroom, workplace, and spiritual environments.

Specific targeted areas covered in all our presentations are:

  • The importance of Understanding Generational Differences
  • Understanding the New Generation and their characteristics
  • Understanding Millennials as Learners and Employees
  • Recruiting and Retaining Millennials
  • Application Ideas for Your Specific Setting
  • Recruitment, Team-Building, Change, and Motivation for all Generations

Generations may be divided by the following names and approximate years:

  • G.I. Generation - 1901-1924 (ages 85-108)
  • Silent Generation - 1925-1942 (ages 67-84)
  • Boomers - 1943-1960 (ages 49-66)
  • Generation X - 1961-1981 (ages 28-48)
  • Millennials - 1982-2002 (ages 7-27)
  • Homeland Generation - 2002-Present (ages 7 and under)

(Another generation often considered for discussion is Generation 1.5 - Immigrant Populations)

We prepare and plan every presentation and/or workshop specifically to the needs and requests of our clients. We honestly listen to your needs and address them before and after we are with you.


There were many great insights about my generation in this presentation. I liked it because it is all very true and it was directed toward people who are not Millennials and who may have some common misperceptions of who the Millennials are. This presentation was based on understanding rather than assumptions and it perfectly targeted the characteristics of my more