About Generational Differences Consulting

Jim and Sherry Forkum, principal consultants for Generational Differences Consulting, have a combined background of over sixty years of teaching experience primarily at the community college, four-year college, and university levels. They have taught in Washington, Colorado, Hawai’i, and throughout California. Currently, both have and are currently conducting research on Adult Learning and improving instruction in the community college and university settings with emphasis on generational differences and technology, specifically relating to the Millennial Generation.

They began their journeys into the areas of Adult Learning and generational differences through Capella University’s Ph.D. program. The learning through Capella opened up the opportunity to put their learning to work for them by becoming consultants in these two specific areas. They have been presenting this information to varied audiences, from coast to coast and in Hawai’i, for the past four years. Their presentations have been to faculty and staff at community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities, Peace Officers Training and Standards groups, the California Highway Patrol Training Academy, various law enforcement agencies, labor organizations, numerous conferences in the field of Education, private businesses, and to Millennials on various campuses.

Delivering a fun, dynamic, and informative presentation, audiences find Jim and Sherry passionate about the Millennials and helping all generations know more about why they are the way they are and reasons why we all need to enjoy our differences from Silents to Millennials.

Jim is currently Dean of Physical Education, Dance, Athletics, and Athletics Director at Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, CA, and Sherry is a professor of English and Faculty Instructional Technology Advisor at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA.


A wide variety of venues make up the stage for Jim and Sherry's presentations. These have ranged from small private businesses, faculty/staff training, Law Enforcement recruitment and retention, labor organizations, state conferences for the gifted, to national/state sports organizations.

Please email or call, as every presentation is custom designed.


There were many great insights about my generation in this presentation. I liked it because it is all very true and it was directed toward people who are not Millennials and who may have some common misperceptions of who the Millennials are. This presentation was based on understanding rather than assumptions and it perfectly targeted the characteristics of my generation...read more