Generational Differences


  • This site gives an insight into the work of Howe and Strauss, experts in the field of generational studies.

Topics for In the Workplace

  • Understanding Generational Differences
    A look into the 5 generations in the workplace
  • Communication Through the Generations for a Happier Work Environment
    Understanding each generation in the workplace and how each communicates with each other and customers/clients
  • Recruitment and Retention of the Millennial Generation
    A review of the generations in the workplace, how to recruit Millennials, how to retain Millennials and Gen X employees

Topics in the College Classroom

  • Understanding Generational Differences
    A look at the generational composition of community college or university/college classrooms
  • Teaching Strategies for the Millennial Generation and other Adult Learners
    An overview and examples of instructional strategies proven successful in teaching Millennials and other adult learners
  • Technology in the Classroom
    An overview and examples of use of technology in the college classroom, along with using learners' abilities


There were many great insights about my generation in this presentation. I liked it because it is all very true and it was directed toward people who are not Millennials and who may have some common misperceptions of who the Millennials are. This presentation was based on understanding rather than assumptions and it perfectly targeted the characteristics of my more