In research conducted by Sherry, at a university in Northern California, one Millennial said, “Our professors do not understand that we are technology.” This is an enlightening statement. It seems that Millennials are the most in tuned generation when it comes to technology. The research also revealed that professors did not know the differences between technology and software.

With the Millennial Generation being “technology” driven, there is a fraction of the generation that is not totally comfortable with the full spectrum of technology and software. This is often seen in resistance to using certain forms of technology in relation to their courses. There has been an inequity in among students in use of technology.

Concerns regarding Millennials and Technology are:
• Different levels of knowledge
• Differing abilities to use what is required in classrooms
• Inappropriate use of technology in a classroom: texting, academic dishonesty, playing games on laptops, or using social networks
• Sexting
• Cyber bullying
• Declining writing skills
• Email etiquette
• Buying and selling of academic paper


There were many great insights about my generation in this presentation. I liked it because it is all very true and it was directed toward people who are not Millennials and who may have some common misperceptions of who the Millennials are. This presentation was based on understanding rather than assumptions and it perfectly targeted the characteristics of my more