The presentation about millennials was interesting to listen to because it is about my own generation. While listening to this presentation there was a great deal of recognition of some of the things that my generation is accustomed to that are more new to the earlier generations. For example, I am used to almost always being on the computer doing my homework and I even look for jobs on Craig’s list or fill out applications online. When my friends are not in the area, the only way I communicate with them is online. However, I also understand the feeling of wanting people to be with me so I can experience community in a face-to-face way. This presentation showed a deep understanding of what it is like being a part of the Millennial generation.

I liked the point about the Millennial generation tending to gravitate toward old traditions, such as singing hymns. I notice young people do gravitate toward old ways that seem to die out; sometimes certain aspect of behavior will even skip generations. I also liked that this presentation mentioned that Millennials highly pursue spirituality because I notice that the Christians in my generation find this aspect of Christianity important, and that those who are not Christians are in search of spirituality. It is also so true that the Millennials are more open-minded toward people who are different than them. Instead of looking down on others because of differences we look down on those who are judgmental of those differences.

There were many great insights about my generation in this presentation. I liked it because it is all very true and it was directed toward people who are not Millennials and who may have some common misperceptions of who the Millennials are. This presentation was based on understanding rather than assumptions and it perfectly targeted the characteristics of my generation. I have never heard a speaker from a different generation who has been able to do that this effectively until now. Most people get a few aspects right, then make assumptions on the rest. I liked this presentation because I could relate to it and it was extremely accurate and original at the same time.

Courtney B. - William Jessup University Sophomore Student